The Framework

The Leadership Decision is based on two decision-making frameworks with the overall premise being we control our leadership through our decisions. 

The leading framework is the APE Model. A stands for Awareness. P stands for Practice. E stands for Evaluation.


Within the book, each is outlined in detail on how the reader can use this Model to make their own leadership decisions to improve their leadership ability. 

The second is TOLL. TOLL is arnoymn for Timing, Opportunity, Looks and Likes.


Within the book, this aids as a reality check for readers as to what else they would need to do to enhance their leadership through gaining awareness and through their decisions. 

Both help the reader define and understand their leadership brand and how this brand aligns with their decisions and their leadership lifestyle. 


Each of these elements further aligns to the major premise of the book that one's leadership is defined by their decisions. 

The following leadership skills and behaviors are also addressed aligning to the APE Model with one addition - Communication. 


These skills and behaviors provide further awareness to the reader on what to practice and evaluate in deciding to become a leader. 

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