When was the last time you made a decision about your leadership?


Was it speaking up in a meeting to demonstrate your expertise? Or, taking a class to better understand leadership skills? 

We make decisions about our leadership each day whether we realize it, or not.


The Leadership Decision focuses on how we can use our decisions as tools to enhance our leadership practice. 

The decision approach to leadership development enables everyone to define and create their own leadership brand and lifestyle.

We can make better decisions about our leadership through Awareness, Practice and Evaluation (APE Model) and timing, opportunity, looks and likes (TOLL). 


In reading, you will examine what the APE Model and TOLL means to you, to your decisions and to your own life in being a leader.


In understanding and applying, you will enhance your leadership development and ability simply by making the decision to do so. 


Catherine M. Rymsha, Ed.D. loves talking about leadership. Based on years of training, research and consulting experience, she’s determined how a person becomes a leader: They make a decision to do so. 

Dr. Rymsha’s no-nonsense and practical approach to helping people develop into leaders through their decisions is founded in her experience both professional and academically. 

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The APE Model is a framework for making decisions about your leadership. 
A is for Awareness. As leaders, we need to be aware. Learn more.
Once being aware, leaders and being a leader takes practice. Practice is key in living a leadership lifestyle and demonstrating the value of your leadership brand. Learn more.
Awareness and practice are key to leadership, but evaluation enables us to gain feedback on our efforts to gauge our progress. Learn more. 

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